Send an ecard

To send an email message to a friend or loved one simply fill in the blanks and click on the box to send your message. A volunteer will print out your greeting and hand-deliver it to the patient.

  • Greetings will be delivered Monday through Friday.
  • Greetings received by noon will be delivered the same day, if a volunteer is available.
  • Greetings received after noon or on weekends or holidays will be delivered the next business day.

We are sorry that we cannot forward messages to patients who have been discharged.

Due to patient confidentiality, we cannot confirm delivery of messages to our patients.


Please make sure you include the patient's first and last name, so our volunteers can ensure your greeting is delivered to the correct individual.

Which campus is the patient staying on?

*Please note that volunteer staff will see your message when they print it. Therefore, please refrain from sending confidential or inappropriate messages.